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Ageless launches July 28

Ageless Launches July 28


Puzzle platformer Ageless will launch for Switch and PC via Steam on July 28, publisher Team17 and developer One More Dream Studios announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via Team17:


Ageless sees players wield the power to manipulate the age of flora and fauna in order to navigate puzzles set throughout vibrant levels, driven by a compelling story.

You play as Kiara, a young woman who discovers a mystical bow armed with the ancient power to control ageing. Shoot animals and plants to age them backwards and forwards through their young, prime and old stages to progress, survive challenging levels, and master becoming “ageless.” Kiara’s new-found power is not without consequence; the narrative follows the journey she must make to confront her inner demons and find herself along the way.

Key Features

  • Multi-stage ageing for plants and animals: Age flora and fauna through various stages of their life cycle to solve the puzzles standing in your way.
  • Platforming: Ageless uses the environment to produce intricate platforming challenges. While ‘ageless’ players can use living creatures to dash through the air, consuming the life force and de-ageing the plant or animal in the process.
  • Unique worlds: Each area has its own unique plants and animals to utilize, realized in a hand-drawn pixel art.
  • Collectibles: Becoming “ageless” allows players to see and collect optional hidden items that will only be accessible via intricate platforming challenges hidden throughout the levels.

Watch a new trailer below.

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