Job listings suggest unannounced PS4 and PC MMORPG, PS4 and arcade robot action game, PS4 strategy RPG, and multiplatform 3D fighting action game

Guess the companies.

Bandai Namco Studios

Several Japanese game development job listings have surfaced for what appear to be four unannounced games.

The listings are as follows:

New IP! Major Online Game Development (PlayStation 4 / PC)

  • Company Name: Pursuing “play!” A major game company
  • Open Positions: Battle Planner, Level Designer, Planner, Sever Side Engineer, Sound Leader
  • Work Content: Project Outline: Development on a completely new IP MMORPG game. Platforms: PlayStation 4 / PC. Development Engine: Unreal Engine 4
  • Work Location: Tokyo Metropolitan area
  • Possible Company: Bandai Namco. The exact same “Pursing ‘play’!” catch phrase is used in other job listings where the company name is specified as Bandai Namco.

Robot IP Action Game Project (PlayStation 4 / Arcade)

  • Company Name: A major game company
  • Open Positions: Production Manager
  • Work Content: Project Outline: Robot IP action game project (PlayStation 4 / Arcade)
  • Work Location: Koto, Tokyo. Nearest Station: Along the Tokyo Metro Touzai Line
  • Possible Company: Bandai Namco. This is just a guess based on the fact that this is a robot IP in development for both PlayStation 4 and arcades. That sounds like it could be a Gundam game.

HD Machine Consumer Game Development (PlayStation 4)

  • Company Name: A developer with many development achievements that continues to challenge leading edge technology
  • Open Positions: Scripter Position
  • Work Content: Work on a new simulation RPG title for PlayStation 4
  • Work Location: Tokyo Metropolitan area. Nearest Station: Along the Tokyo Metro Touzai Line
  • Possible Companies: Bandai Namco?

3D Fighting Action Game (PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Switch / PC)

  • Company Name: A developer that continues to run on the forefront
  • Open Positions: Motion Designer, Planner
  • Work Content: Project Outline: A licensed 3D fighting action game. Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and Switch. Development Environment: proprietary engine. Assumed development period: Until around February 2019
  • Work Location: Toshima, Tokyo. Nearest Station: Along the JR Yamanote Line
  • Possible Companies: No idea.


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