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Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison launches November 28 in Japan

Kaleidoscope Of Phantom Prison Launches November 28 In Japan

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison

Kaleidoscope of Phantom Prison, the recently announced visual novel from Entergram and Ryukishi07, will launch for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PS Vita on November 28 in Japan, Japanese retail listings reveal.

The standard edition will cost 4,320 yen, while the limited edition will cost 7,560 yen. The limited edition includes the “Phantasm Object” official art book, the “Behind Closed Doors Death Quiz Tournament” voice drama CD, a “Role of Fate” card, and an acrylic art panel.

Here is an overview of the game, via its store pages:


A girls x mental x suspense game from Ryukishi07 and Itaru Hinoue debuts on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PS Vita!

Although it depicts the limits of humans cornered by unimaginable cruelty, Ryukishi07 is overseeing the game in its entirety with a warm message full of human love, alongside Itaru Hinou, who has worked on numerous well-known titles featuring beautiful girls.

In this mismatch of a collaboration, the “Beauties of Itaru” will be depicted at the limits of which you have never seen before…


  • Planning and Script: Ryukishi07
  • Character Design and Drafting: Itaru Hinoue
  • SD Characters: Hisashi Senomoto
  • Vocal Music: Naomi Tamura and Emi Uema
  • Background Music: Higuumi Sound


Four girls, locked in an unfamiliar and ominous room.

When, how, by who, and to where were these close friends kidnapped? It was all unclear. None of the girls have any recollection of a place like this.

At some point, an iron collar was attached to each of the girls’ necks. Those collars were connected to chains, and each chain was connected to a chair at one of the room’s four corners. These were torture chairs that give off an ominous impression.

Four girls frightened in an ominous room with no exit. There, a large cage appeared from the ceiling. Inside, a boy was trapped. The white-robed boy is unable to communicate, and even his emotions show no variation. He, too, must likely be a “prisoner” such as the girls…

“In any case, we need to think of a way to get out of here…!”

“Let me tell you how to escape.”

An ominous voice echoed throughout the room.

I have prepared two fates for all of you. One where everyone in this room dies. The other where only three girls are saved. This is a trial to test the fate of you four.

When the time limit expires, everyone in this room will die.

A group of girls, suddenly attacked by a deadly premonition and hair-raising horror…

Code Vein ‘Halberd’ Trailer

Code Vein ‘Halberd’ trailer

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