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Kickstarter campaign launched for 2D top-down action RPG Ada

Kickstarter Campaign Launched For 2D Top Down Action RPG Ada

Kickstarter campaign launched for 2D top-down action RPG Ada

Explore the “dreamlike world” of Ada.


Independent developer Jakub Hakiel has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ada, a 2D top-down action RPG, seeking £20,000 (approx. $26,252 USD) in funding. It is initially planned for release on PC, Mac, and Linux in Q1 2021, with console versions to follow in Q2 2021.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Kickstarter campaign:


Ada is a story-driven single-player 2D top-down action RPG.

Key Features

  • Explore vast and cruel open world crafted pixel by pixel with passion and love, and find all secrets scattered across the land (and water).
  • Fight your way through hordes of diverse enemies with unique behavior and design, be prepared, and observe, adapt and survive.
  • Meet interesting characters, immerse yourself in their storylines, fulfill your promises or betray them, and experience how they change as story gets more intense.
  • Forge your character the way you want, learn, use and upgrade skills that suit you best, throw potions, use powerful magic, or simply slash your way through anything that stands in your way.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected, the world around you is constantly changing and you never know what you will run into, be it at night or day time.

Watch a trailer below. View a set of screenshots at the gallery. Visit the official website here.

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