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Phantasy Star Online 2 for PS Vita to end service on August 19

Phantasy Star Online 2 For PS Vita To End Service On August 19

Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega will end service for the PS Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 on August 19, the company announced.

While the PS Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 has been operation for about seven years, Sega believes that with production of the hardware ended in March 2019, it will be difficult to continue long-term operation.

Additionally, while in-game production and behavior in Phantasy Star Online 2 updates thus far have been adjusted to work within the capabilities of PS Vita, Sega wants to achieve higher-quality production and behavior in future updates.

To prepare for the end of PS Vita service, Sega has launched the “Points Back Campaign.” Users who logged in to the PS Vita version between February 28, 2013 and March 24, 2020, who log in to any other platform (PlayStation 4, PC, Switch Cloud, or PC Cloud) before August 19 will receive SG points back equal to half the total AC and SG used during each target period.

While SG points are halved at full amount, five AC points are equal to one SG point, then halved. For example, if you use 5,000 AC points during one target period, it is equal to 1,000 SG, meaning you will receive 500 SG points back. Or if you use 500 SG points, you will receive 250 SG points back. Users can only receive up to 1,000 SG points back during each target period.

The target periods are as follows:

  • March 25 to April 30 at 23:59 JST
  • May 1 to May 31 at 23:59 JST
  • June 1 to June 30 at 23:59 JST
  • July 1 to July 31 at 23:59 JST
  • August 1 to August 19 when regular maintenance begins (and service for the PS Vita version ends)

Additionally, Sega is hosting a “Multiplatform Campaign,” where any user who logs in to several platforms during the same target periods listed above will receive item presents such as “Tokyo Bonus Key (Gold)” (x1) and “50 SG Acquisition Ticket” (x1) for each period.

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