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Samurai Shodown Galford trailer

Samurai Shodown Galford Trailer

Samurai Shodown

The thirteenth character trailer for Samurai Shodown introduces Galford.

Here is an overview of the character, via Athlon Games:

Meet the all-American ninja and self-proclaimed “Superhero of Justice,” fan-favorite Galford. Traveling the world on a quest for peace, he is accompanied by his pet dog Poppy and his Justice Blade. Together, Galford and Poppy are ready to strike down every last enemy of justice at a moment’s notice.

If you missed it, previous trailers introduced Rimururu, Tam Tam, Yoshitora, Yashamaru, Haohmaru, Genjuro, Charlotte, Shiki, Ukyo Tachibana, Darli Dagger, and Nakoruru.

Samurai Shodown is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25 in the Americas and Europe, and June 27 in Japan. Switch and PC versions are planned for release in Q4 2019.

Watch the trailer below.

Famitsu Sales: 6/3/19 – 6/9/19

Famitsu Sales: 6/3/19 – 6/9/19

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