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Seven Knights: Time Wanderer launches November 5

Seven Knights: Time Wanderer

Seven Knights: Time Wanderer, Netmarble’s spin-off game set in the same world as the mobile game Seven Knights will launch for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on November 5, the company announced.

Here are the latest details, via the official website:

■ Features

  • Main Story – An adventure unfolds while finding Time Crystals in different dimensions. New friends and various challenges await along the road. Each episode takes place in a different time and place. New maps, characters, and events present countless new experiences.
  • Hidden Stories – Discover the fascinating backstories of the game’s characters. Listen to their stories and discover their goals. Complete quests to earn rewards by helping other characters achieve their goals.
  • Real-Time Turn-Based Battles
    • Battles take place in real-time. Spectacular graphics and skill animations.
      • An adrenaline-filled battle that takes place in real-time.
      • Astonishing skill animations and graphics perfectly customized for each character.
    • A battle system with elements and leverage. Perform lethal attacks with strike skills.
      • Utilize four elements and their leverages to find the best strategy.
      • Turn the tables with a strike skill.
  • Egonyx – Revisit dimensions where Vanessa has a strong connection to friends. Reunite Vanessa with her allies and get materials for fostering their friendships.
  • Lunanyx – A treasure hunter named Clemyth mistakenly enters the Room of Sand, which triggers her special power to create a dimension called Lunanyx. Get crucial buffs by challenging Lunanyx. Enter Lunanyx to get points used for restoring relics to help craft equipment.

Read more about the game here.

Watch a new set of trailers below.

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