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The Cycle for PC now available in free Early Access

The Cycle For PC Now Available In Free Early Access

The Cycle

The PC Early Access version of The Cycle is now available for free via the Epic Games Store, Yager Development announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via the Epic Games Store:

  • A New Frontier: Explore the world of Fortuna III – a hostile, beautiful new world, full of resources, alien life, and other Prospectors looking to take its riches.
  • PvEvP: Gun fights against other Prospectors may give you an edge – but the best players are those who can take on dangerous jobs against AI monsters during a match.
  • Factions: Take on jobs for three different factions when you are down on the planet. As your reputation grows with each of them, they will give you access to exciting new technology and equipment to craft. Each faction has an arsenal with its own very distinctive items.
  • Three game modes: Prospectors can meet on the surface of Fortuna III and join fragile alliances with one another as they complete contracts. Or they can directly start as part of a duo or a 4-player squad.
  • Storm: The Cycle leaves only a narrow window of opportunity – stay too long, and you will be trapped on the planet and ravaged by the radiation storm.
  • More to come: The Cycle is in constant evolution with regular updates and added contents, stay tuned!

Read more about the game here.

The Cycle is also planned for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch a new trailer below.

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